Our Story

What started as an interest in 2020 has quickly become an obsession. 

I'm Kieron, the founder at Top Tier Ticker. I began collecting watches during Lockdown when covid started. 

At first, any watch that told the time caught my eye. I was picking up anything and everything that I laid my eye on. That lead to a very diverse yet jumbled collection that didn't have direction or purpose. It was a collection of watches and not a watch collection.

After a year or so of being recommended the same watches week after week from online content creators, I got bored. I decided to take it upon myself to find the gems of the watch world. Then I realised, the best watches are actually the ones that are no longer being produced. Whether it be vintage watches from the 70s or neo-vintage pieces from the earls 2000s, so much more value and originality can be found by just looking backwards. 

After experiencing hundreds of watches, I now know what to look out for. I browse second hand watch websites everyday looking for cool new pieces to purchase. However I cannot justify buying a brand new watch everyday just for my personal collection. But, if I open up a storefront for fellow enthusiasts to purchase from me, not only can I make a small profit on each watch I pick up but also, get to handle and experience fantastic watches every single day. 

My goal with this store is to streamline the process of trying to find the value in the second hand watch wilderness. 

All my experience and knowledge goes into every curated purchase to bring you the best of the best. Whether that be in design, history or pure specifications.